Delicious low carb recipes

Low carb is not a diet, but rather a life setting: our delicious low carb recipes deliver very little carbohydrates and still keep you tired for a long time



With Low Carb (English for “low carbohydrate”) can be delicious and especially easily a few kilos. The low-carb principle is quite simple: reducing carbohydrates in everyday life also reduces the weight on the scale. But how does a healthy diet with little carbohydrates look like in practice? We have the best low carb recipes compiled for all occasions.




The breakfast is at the beginning of a low carb diet is often the biggest challenge. There used to be bread for you and rolls, and now? No panic! There are enough low carbohydrate foods available for breakfast, such as eggs. Many recipes for a healthy low carb breakfast based namely on eggs, and in all possible variations: Whether fried, scrambled eggs or omelets. You can refine the eggs with bacon, ham, cheese and of course vegetables of all kinds such as tomatoes, peppers, etc. Are you more of the sweet breakfast? No problem: Magerquark, natural yogurt or cottage cheese (also called cottage cheese or grainy fresh cheese) are a good and protein-rich basis for a breakfast with little carbohydrates. Then mix your own favorite muesli: oatmeal, nuts, seeds (such as linseed or chia seed) or dried coconut chips as desired, and the perfect low carb breakfast is ready. Also made sweet and fast are low carb pancakes or (green) smoothies. Also, a healthy whole grain is allowed in the morning, for example, with lean poultry or turkey breast, fresh cheese, avocado, and tomato. By the way: in the morning, take up the bulk of your carbohydrates and reduce yourself during the day so that dinner is your carbohydrate-poor meal.

Delicious low carb recipes  Delicious low carb recipes Delicious low carb recipes




When low carb lunch you can pick and choose, because the number of healthy, low-carb foods that you can use carb recipes for your low is large. In general, the quantity of classic side dishes such as noodles, rice and potatoes should be kept as low as possible. But you do not have to ban it from the plate because Low Carb does mean No Carb and you can still use the energy boost in the form of healthy long-chain carbohydrates just at lunch time. Nevertheless, Pasta & Co. should rather be placed in the background. In the foreground are saturated protein supplements such as fish, meat, egg or tofu. In addition, there are plenty of salad and vegetables of all kinds. Even legumes such as kidney beans or chickpeas are still allowed despite high carbohydrate content for lunch. This is because they are long-chain carbohydrates, which go slower into the blood and also have many healthy fibers in their luggage. And so your low carb lunch might look like: A piece of fish or meat with a large salad or a portion of vegetables. Also, a large salad with fried chicken or turkey breast strips, goat’s cheese, feta or a boiled egg is ideal. In addition, top: soups, stews or curries.




As mentioned above, one should especially watch the evening as low carb supporters on a number of carbohydrates. A number of carbohydrates should be typically less than 20 grams per serving. The obligatory “evening bread” is, therefore, flat. What remains? Replace carbohydrates with protein, for example, pasta against turkey. The logic is the same as with the low carb lunch, because even in the low carb dinner, there are high-quality foods like fish (e.g. shrimp, salmon, and tuna) meat (e.g. turkey, chicken, beef, pork) eggs or tofu in the foreground Meal. Vegetables and salads are also allowed in the evening and ensure with neat volumes that the quantity is right. Also, nuts, cheese, and other milk products are allowed in the evening. The selection of low carb recipes is therefore also in the evening large: salads, soups, curries, fish / meat with vegetables, fish / meat with salad, omelets with vegetables, fried egg on vegetables etc.


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