The 3 best pre-workout snacks

Empty stomach? Full stomach? Both are not good options for a hard workout! These 10 snacks give you an extra energy boost just before training


Just go to the studio, but your stomach growls like mad? It is now too late for a large portion of pasta & Co. because the last big meal before the workout should be at least two hours before the meal is not difficult in the stomach. A 1/2 to 1 hour before, however, a small snack fills up the energy reserves again, so that you can start correctly. A pre-workout snack gives you not only the necessary power but also supporting the regeneration after the workout.

For the desired effect, however, you should not snap anything. We have put together the best snacks before the sport for you.

#1. Natural yogurt & lean quark

Sportsmen ‘hearts are higher here: natural yogurt and lean protein not only score high protein content but also provide important minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Calcium strengthens the bones and supports muscle contraction during exercise. But pay attention to the fat content and attack to low-fat yogurt and lean milk. Too much fat would put too much strain on the digestion and negatively affect the workout. To push the carbohydrate store just add a tablespoon of oatmeal or granola. Tip: Greek yogurt tastes good for a change and also provides plenty of protein.

snacks  The 3 best pre-workout snacks snacks

#2. Bananas

Admittedly, it is not a secret tip, but bananas are the sports snack par excellence. The carbohydrates in the form of fruit sugar provide fast energy. Moreover, they are easily digestible and last long. Not to mention the many vitamins and minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, which keep them from painful spasms. By sweating, our body loses its mineral. Therefore, the accumulators should be filled. Tip: Bananas that are still green contain a lot of starch and are much heavier in the stomach than ripe bananas!


# 3. Dry fruits

Dry fruits deliver a lot of power even in small quantities, thanks to a lot of carbohydrates, which quickly get into the blood and are immediately available to you as energy. The most common mineral potassium also supports muscle regeneration after training. 1-2 pieces (e.g. dried apricots, figs or apple rings) are completely sufficient. Dry fruits contain a lot of fruit and lots of dietary fiber, which are otherwise like stones in your stomach. Important: Absolutely enough drinking because of the many dietary fibers.

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