Tips for more energy in daily life

If even the fifth coffee simply does not (more) bring the hoped-for-wake-up effect, the day has run for many mostly. It is not so difficult to recharge your batteries in everyday life. Because even small measures can help you to make big energy bills. That is why we have put together the 8 best tips for more energy in everyday life – from getting up to the end of the evening. Try it out!

7 o’clock – curtain open!

Let there be light! And in your apartment. As soon as you get up, you should go to the window and let the sunlight in. This signals to the body that it is time to “step up” and switch to the wake mode. Is it cloudy or still dark outside? Specific Lights and Lights Wake up with an integrated alarm clock simulate the natural light of the sun and wake us so very gently.

1 pm – carbohydrates instead of caffeine

Lunch time! Contrary to the general opinion, a carbohydrate-rich meal does not necessarily have to be tired if you eat the right carbs and combine them cleverly with other energy suppliers: Carbohydrates and dietary fibers control the glucose, the combination with high-quality proteins and healthy fats. Good examples: Sweet potato (s) with cottage cheese and a piece of fish or meat, or whole grain bread with crushed avocado instead of butter.

3 pm – Fill fresh air

Now the afternoon slumps usually only so properly. Stay strong and treat yourself to a five-minute break. And the best way out. As already mentioned, oxygen in the brain helps the performance. The easiest way is to inhale directly fresh air. Even better is the effect when it is cool outside. So for a few minutes without a jacket to sit on the terrace or outside the door, which also promotes the defenses.

6 pm – Deep inhalation and exhalation

The day is almost done. Do not let it go now! Here is a breathing technique that also lengthens your attention span and the reaction time are shortened: Tense your abdominal muscles while sitting and pull the belly strong one to press out air from it. If your abdominal muscles then relax again, a mini-vacuum is created, whereby air is automatically sucked again. Do the whole ten times, and then you’ll feel much better.

18.30 clock – Look red!

For many of us, it is at home now at the latest. If you are still working overtime, come to the office with red fingernails. Why this? Things in red color can give studies a temporary energy boost. The reason: red is for us a signal color, such as a red light or a red stop sign. If red color comes into our field of view, we are automatically more attentive. Practically, however, since you do not want to put any chili on the desk, simply paint the fingernails red. Perfect also for the end of the day in the bar with the relaxed glass (red) wine.

Conclusion: Small measures, great effect

You can see: With small changes, you can beat the aftershock a snap. Some may initially cost you a little bit of overcoming but it is worth it. Because with full energy batteries, the work is much easier.

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