It can be so easy to shape the body. With a few simple little tricks, you can get your metabolism to continue working on your own at night and to properly heat the fat burning during sleep

  1. More muscle with casein

The greatest danger in losing weight is that instead of fat all about healthy eating! Muscle mass is lost. Because this will reduce the calorie consumption, and the yo-yo effect is programmed. A study by the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands has now shown how the protein synthesis in the body can be stimulated. In the experiment, test persons were given casein after the workout at least 30 minutes before falling asleep, the main component of cows’ milk. The results show that it was taken directly from the body and then converted into muscle mass.


  1. Late-night snack stimulates nighttime fat burning

Dinner canceling was up in the 1990s as the top method to weight all about healthy eating! Lose. However, US researchers at Florida State University have now found that there is a better way to get the metabolism overnight. In the experiment, the subjects received a small, protein-rich snack with a content of 150 calories before sleeping. The next morning measurements showed that the metabolic activity was higher in them than in people who had taken nothing or a carbohydrate-based snack.


  1. less hunger thanks to protein in the evening

Not only does your metabolism look forward to a late snack in the evening. As part of the US study in Florida, subjects also indicated that they felt less hungry in the morning with a late snack, and the breakfast was correspondingly narrower. For the feeling of hunger, it was not decisive whether carbohydrates, protein or fat was the main component of snacks. Because the protein but overnight boosts your metabolism and helps build muscle, it should be your first choice if you have no muscle mass, but only superfluous lose fat want.

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