The best 3 destinations for a special summer holiday

The long-awaited holiday season is approaching and the question now arises: Where is this time going?

In the search for particularly new and exotic destinations, you quickly lose yourself in the labyrinth of offers and opinions. But do you really have to explore a place you cannot even pronounce the name correctly? Is it the sense of a journey to bribe by exotic foreignism? For adventurers and explorers this may be the right choice, but for many, one thing is most important: the holiday planning does not degenerate into stress and you can be relied upon to travel to a place where you can, above all, one – arrive and disconnect.

To achieve this, one does not have to travel through Ecuador’s jungle but can turn to countries that everyone knows and loves. Because popular and well-known rice elks offer many advantages: They are well accessible, have a developed infrastructure and can meet our requirements for service and hygiene. Traveling to tourist-oriented countries you can feel safe, has less understanding difficulties and a diverse range of different activities. And what is best: even the most famous tourist destinations can be viewed from a new, very special perspective if one turns away from the tourist centers. Then you can go on a discovery trip even in popular holiday countries and still enjoy all the amenities.

The following top 3 holiday destinations offer a holistic and relaxing travel experience thanks to various possibilities.


  1. Corsica

Corsica is an island with a special flair. In terms of tourism, it is relatively inexplicable but still considered an insider tip for nature lovers who prefer to travel within Europe. The duration of the flight to Bastia is less than 2 hours and also by car or caravan, Corsica can be reached by ferry from Marseille, Nice or Genoa, making the island a popular holiday destination for campers and backpackers.

Corsica is a paradise of beaches, numerous bathing bays, rocky coasts and crystal-clear water. The most beautiful beach days can be spent on the north coast of Calvi to Saint-Florent, around Cap Corse as well as on the southeast coast between Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio. Among the most beautiful beaches in Corsica are Pinarello, Santa Giulia, Saleccia, and Calvi. According to the Corsican tradition, all of these beaches are freely accessible, so you can choose freely, where you can sit in the sun! For those who do not just want to enjoy the beaches and the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica can offer unique walking tours through impressive mountain landscapes. Idyllic mountain lakes and mountain streams invite you to go fishing or sports fishing and activists have the opportunity to try out canyoning or climbing. Climbing beginners can try on secured via Ferrata, for example in Solenzara, the outdoor park InTerraCorsa near Ponte Vecchio or a family day in the Asco valley. And if you are looking for a walk around the city, you can even take the train connecting the two port cities of Bastia and Ajaccio.


  1. Matera

For decades, we love Bella Italia not only for gelato, vino Rosso, and Rimini but also because of the possibilities for exciting discoveries that lead you far back into the history of mankind. A unique city that allows such a journey into the past is located 250 km east of Naples and about 77 km south of Bari. It is Matera, the Citta dei Sassi, a former trading city and local metropolis in the southern Italian region of Basilicata. Not without reason was Matera one of the production locations of the well-known film “The Passion of Christ”, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 1993 and voted 2014 as the Cultural Capital of Europe.

Matera is considered one of the oldest cities in the world. In the legendary sassy, the cave settlements inhabited since the Neolithic period and until the middle of the 20th century, there are testimonies of human civilization from the Neolithic period. You should not miss a guided tour of the cave, just as much as visiting the famous church of San Pietro Barisano. It is one of about 160 churches and chapels, often decorated with beautiful frescoes. But Matera has not only art and culture but also a lively city life, which invites you to stroll through the shops. Numerous restaurants tempt you with delicacies and a cozy atmosphere in the evening hours.

The atmospheric accommodation offers unique rooms in the pleasantly cool stone vaults of calcarenite, such as the Locanda di San Martino. In a luxurious way, you can authentically understand how people used to live here. For an excursion into nature, the nearby Lago di San Giuliano is the right place. The longing for a cool down and a fresh breeze can be quickly satisfied – after only 45 minutes you can jump into the Mediterranean.


  1. Bali

Bali has long been an insider tip for travelers from all over the world. The popularity of this Indonesian dream island is easy to explain; as Bali has everything you could wish for: dream beaches and volcanoes, lively cities with endless shopping opportunities, secluded and unspoiled places amidst lush green rice fields and a hilly landscape Dschunge landscape. The colorful and spiritual Balinese culture is in places like Ubud ubiquitous and it drops an easy dive into this busy but rarely harried bustle.

In Bali, there is an offer for different needs and travel agencies. Recreation seekers and luxury-loving tourists can go to the beaches East Bali ( Seminyak , Kuta ) or in the southeast ( Nusa Dua , Nusa Lembongan ) bathe in the sun, can be for a few rupiah massage on the beach or to stop in one of the many spas around from head to Foot pampering. Active volcanoes have the opportunity to climb a volcano, such as the Mount Batur to enjoy the sunrise or take a mountain biking tour through the hilly and green center of Bali. There are numerous diving schools, such as Lovina, Amed or Padang Bai, which offer dives where you can look forward to mantas, turtles, corals and iridescent colorful fish. Art and culture lovers will also be satisfied. The narrow and crowded streets of Bali are lined with the shops of Balinese artists who offer their colorful works of art – mostly paintings or statues of stone and wood. The famous Balinese temples (of which there should be 20,000!) Are as varied as unique and offer a deeper insight into the traditional Hindu rites.

Bali is definitely worth a visit, here you can let your mind go, do a lot or little, breathe deeply and find your way back to your own.

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