United States Presidential Election, 2016

It really happened, he did it, Donald Trump has all experts refuted. All allegedly safe predictions that he could not become a US president have been ad absurdum in this election night. A man of foreigners, women and disabled insults, hatred and preaches important partner America will encounter in the world on the head, will rule the most powerful country in the world . It is a political catastrophe.

Plumper populism has triumphed over reason . Trump’s success is a shock for all those who had put on the political wisdom of American voters. The tycoon has promised a fundamental policy change for the Americans, and they have followed their promises with a – if scarce – majority. The US voters have opted for a change that no one can ever say exactly how it will actually look. After Trumps islamophobic, nationalist, despotic appearances in the election campaign, only one thing can be safely predicted: Well, it will probably not be.

Trump has scored against hatred against the so-called political establishment in Washington against the media. He lured the white middle and working class, unconscious by globalization, on his side. “I alone can fix it” – only I can solve the problems was his motto. This is a presumptuous saying, a hollow promise. It is also certain that Trump will not solve the problems of America and a highly complex world, of course. Whoever believes it is to blame.

Anyone who wants to make the lives of his citizens better and safer, as a US president, must also find the balance, the dialogue, with other states and cultures. He needs partners for this. Trump does not seem to care. Trump is a destroyer, a splitter. Whoever studies his biography and election campaigns see that he does not try to find constructive solutions; he does not seek compensation; he only wants to be selfish and self-sufficient in his nationalist interests and those of his supporters.

What the world is, what America is now threatening is a dangerous phase of instability: Donald Trump wants to make America “great” again, great. If he believes in his announcements, he wants to go ruthlessly. He wants to throw eleven million Mexican migrants out of the country, renegotiate all important trade agreements and ask important allies like Germany for military protection by the USA. This will trigger a lot of controversies, provoke new conflicts, and trigger new crises.

The really important question is, therefore: Will the American system of checks and balances between the institutions prevent a man who speaks like an autocrat to rule like an autocrat? Is it possible at all to involve Trump with a Republican congress?

American democracy is faced with a great test: It is to be feared that Trump will do anything to keep his political opponents mute. He has threatened critical journalists in the election campaign. His followers have called “Lock them in!” – was his counter-candidate, Hillary Clinton. The sticks – even if he is in his conciliatory expressed first speech after the election victory.

Of course, there is a hope that the political system is strong enough to limit a president with omnipotence fantasies. But there is no guarantee

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