I will take over the presidency of the World Trade Agreement, Trump

Washington: US President-elect on the first day of his arrival in the White House that Donald Trump said the US trans-Pacific trade agreement partnerships Dell (will be out across the Pacific of the joint business agreement).

donald-trump  I will take over the presidency of the World Trade Agreement, Trump Donald Trump

BBC says they have to cancel the announcement in which, through a video message, he said that the promotion of regional trade between their first Pacific 12 states after assuming the office of President in January contracts Will be.

The 12 countries included in the WTO agreement signed last year and these countries controlling 40% of world trade. TPP include Australia, Malaysia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico. US President-elect Donald Trump in his video message presented the government’s agenda. It is on this basis that the United States will be the first. He announced that six days earlier he had some issues.

T to continue leaving the app, eliminating restrictions on energy production in the United States, to reduce the Donate for business. To help prevent cyber attacks against ships. Reviewing visa issues (to be known that it is not so difficult to get a job by a US citizen). Set 5-year ban on leaving the country.

Trump’s something neither Obama nor care program during their first visit; they said nothing about the wall on the Mexican border. The statement from China’s WTO agreement over Donald Trump said he is optimistic about the negotiations for a major Asian trade. Meanwhile, Donald Trump canceled the scheduled meeting with media reporters a day after The New York Times declared.

They are my fault coverage Diagnostic and filthy lips Donald Trump said. Trump told reporters on Monday leading TV networks to bad media coverage during the elections, calling off the record meeting at Trump Tower. President called reporters liars and the vilest man. Trump said in a statement that the British right-wing party UCP leader would be a good ambassador Nigel UK Faraj said.

The 10 daylong Street is empty while there is no place rejection of the proposal. IANS reported that Chief of Staff Insurance probs Donald Trump may be registered Americans separately, however, do not have any plans. Trump said that a close adviser to President-elect Clinton email scandal and Clinton Foundation would not press for the further investigation.

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